Republican Public Safety Monitoring System

In the Republic of Belarus Kipod platform is a key component of the "Republican public safety monitoring system", that creation was initiated by the President. Kipod is a tool that Increase productivity of Law Enforcement and Municipal Administration. Kipod decrease public safety threats, governmental expanses on public security system maintenance costs, governmental expanses on public security system organizing by controlling the traffic violations, finding missing and wanted persons, notifying about abandoned items in public places. In fact the cost of solving crimes has been reduced to three times. During the second European Games, which were held in Minsk, about 2000 video surveillance cameras were connected to the Kipod cluster simultaneously.
Monitoring Stations Public Safety Safe Cities Transportation Security

Key Features

People Identification (Face recognition)

Vehicle Identification (Number plate recognition (ALPR)

Behavior Analytics

Traffic Analytics

Perimeter Security

Crowd Management

Facility Monitoring

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Monitoring Stations Public Safety Safe Cities
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